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Welcoming You Back to the Table​

Whenever you're comfortable, join us for in-person worship, including communion.

We recommend wearing a mask (especially if you're not vaccinated). If you're talking to someone who is wearing a mask, we urge you to put yours on as well, out of respect.  For more, visit our Safe Worship during COVID-19 page
We also live stream services via our Facebook page

It’s a challenging time, so we ask for your patience and diligence in following our reopening requirements. We ask that you have extra kindness for our ushers, who will be making our church a safe place by reminding you to follow the guidelines on Sunday mornings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a worship service at SMT?
During the school year a typical Sunday service is held at 10:30 am in the beautiful, historic sanctuary.  It is approximately one hour long and includes a reading from the Bible, Sermon, and Holy Communion.  During the summer we worship at 10:00 am downstairs in Parish Hall and explore a more casual, informal style of worship.

Are children welcome?
Yes!  We love having families and kids at SMT.  Children are welcome to color, play in the prayground, and come forward for the children's message.  We have a changing table for young children downstairs in the nursery and you are welcome to breast or bottle feed your baby wherever you need  - including the pews in the sanctuary during worship.

What should I wear?
Some people dress up for worship and wear a suit and tie or nice dress. Many other people dress fairly casually and wear jeans and a t-shirt or work-out gear. Either option is completely fine and up to you. During the summer we recommend you wear clothes that are cool (shorts, sundresses, etc.).

Is your building ADA accessible?
We have a chair lift people can use to access the sanctuary.  Unfortunately, due to the age of the building, bathrooms are not fully ADA compliant.

How do I arrange to have a wedding in the sanctuary?
It is our prayer that your wedding be a beautiful, truly Christ-centered ceremony that will be the beginning of a wonderful life together. For more information, see our wedding policy. Contact the church office (T: 201-659-4499, E: to arrange a meeting with our Pastor Gary. 

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