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Giving enables those whom God has called to serve as pastors and missionaries, supports our ministries to faithfully build up the Church and expand the kingdom of God.

Online Giving
Why Give

At St. Matthew Trinity we believe God calls us to work toward tithing and practice first fruits giving as a way or reminding ourselves that God has given us everything we possess.    

Go to our online form to provide a one-time gift or set up regularly reoccurring payments through community church builder to further the work of God in the world. You can choose one or more specific designations for your gift to go towards:


  • General offering

  • Lunchtime ministry

  • Flowers

  • Music ministry

  1. Support the work of Pastor Gary and church staff to keep St. Matthew Trinity operating, spreading God’s word and helping in the community.

  2. Help people who need a warm meal in Hoboken through our Lunchtime Ministry.

  3. Honor family and friends who have passed away by giving flowers.

  4. Enable music ministry to have more free concerts to celebrate God’s glory.

  5. Donate to Lutheran charities doing God’s work across the country and around the world.

  • Giving is one way to honor God and express our gratitude to Him

  • Giving regularly reminds us of God’s faithfulness and our dependence on Him

  • Giving should be done cheerfully, not grudgingly

  • Giving challenges our hearts on what truly matters, not on material things

2020 Advent Temple Talks

SMT featured four Zoom interviews with various members of the congregation regarding the impact that stewardship has had on their daily lives. The interviews were conducted by Terri Matteo.

4th Sunday of Advent 12/20 - Peace:
An interview with Jennifer Meusel

3rd Sunday of Advent 12/13 -
Joy: An interview with Rebeka Schleifer

2nd Sunday of Advent - 12/6 - Love: An interview with Mark Singleton

1st Sunday of Advent - 11/29 - Hope:
interview with Daniel J. Stoll

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