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Small groups and social activities offer an opportunity to network, build relationships, and get to know your neighbor, more than just worshipping on Sunday morning allows. Come, get to know your neighbor, build community, and create a space where you belong.


Created by and for young adult members of SMT and students at Stevens Institute of Technology.  This group gathers monthly for festivity, fun and brunch.  There are also occasional service projects and other activities.  Contact Olivia Whitener to get involved.


Anice Crawford Circle

 Named in memory of Anice Crawford, who longed for more events for our congregational elders, this is our monthly meeting.  It is intended for the elders of our congregation and any friends that you wish to invite.  Our purpose is fellowship, learning and worshiping together. 


Learn more about "where tradition and inclusivity meet" at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church. Attend church service on Sunday. Donate food and supplies for lunchtime ministry during the week before Noon. Volunteer.


Interested in learning more about baptizing your child or having your wedding at St. Matthew Trinity, contact us using the form below. We look forward to getting to know you. 

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The Rev. Gary LeCroy, Pastor:

Matthew Hummel, Music Minister:

Jennifer Meusel, President:

Mark Singleton, Vice President:

Carol Cusack, Treasurer:

Mark Singleton, Property Minister:

Susan Long, Archivist:

General Inquiries:


Tel: 201-659-4499

57 Eighth Street (at Hudson & 8th Streets)

Hoboken, NJ 07030

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