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The present day congregation of St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church carries on the tradition of three former Lutheran churches in Hoboken. Our congregation today is rich in diversity reflecting the vastness of Hoboken’s community in the 21st Century.

We are committed to a world where all people are fed, brought into community, and experience the wideness of God’s compassion. 

the original site in 1858

the same street today

our history significant dates



St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is formed, predominantly made up of people of German ancestry. They worshipped on the corner of Washington & 3rd Streets in Hoboken. The original building still stands, although altered to become the present home of McDonald's in Hoboken.




The St. Mathew congregation moves into a new sanctuary on Hudson & 8th Streets, the edge of town at the time.




The Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church on 9th and Clinton Streets forms, comprising mainly of members of Norwegian and Swedish ancestry.




People of German and English ancestry start the Holy Trinity English Evangelical Lutheran Church on 10th and Garden streets in 1903.




The Holy Trinity and the Scandinavian Lutheran Church merge to form the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church using the property on 9th and Clinton as their house of worship.




The Trinity congregation combines with St. Matthew’s to form the present congregation now known as St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church worshipping at 8th and Hudson Streets.




The Sanctuary went through a substantial renovation stripping generations of layers of paint and revealing deep reds and teal blues and original stenciling that was incorporated into the present-day design.

renovation in 2007

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